Monday, November 15, 2010

35 Weeks!!

Once again I have lacked on the updates! Eva is doing great and weighs over 5lbs!! We went and had the 3d ultrasounds done and of course Eva didn't really want us to see her. What we saw of her she looks like her Momma with those chunky cheeks! We were told she has hair- thank goodness all this heartburn has been for something!

So the Cerclage was planned to come out on Friday but I had to go in today for some complications and Dr.C went ahead and took it out today. Wow! Yes it was very painful!! And Yes I know it was worth it all but I can still share how painful it was and still is!! Now we are one more step closer to meeting Eva! We are just waiting on her and God's timing for her arrival! I can't believe it is almost time! I'm so filled with emotions. I'm so excited about Eva and seeing her but also I am dealing with the feelings of grief with Landon. They hit out of no where. The closer I get the more that I miss him. I know in the delivery room I am going to be an emotional reck. I'm going back to the place where I lost my son but yet I'm going there to bring new life into the world. So many people have made comments that Eva will be fine and deep down I do feel the same way, but what some people don't understand is that was said to me before and it wasn't fine. I know how fast life can be taken away once it is given to you. These are feelings that I just have to pray my way through.

Thank you for all of you who have prayed for Eva and I! We are almost there! I imagine the next post on here will be that she has arrived!! Can't wait to show her off to all of you!!