Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Girl Albert's Name!

So when we first got pregnant we started thinking of names. This time with names we thought more about the meanings of them. So the first name we picked out for a little girl could not have fit any better. We were waiting to see if there might be another name before we share, but every time we think of her or pray for her this name sticks! 

so, we are naming our sweet little girl....

Eva means "gift of life" and we have Faith that she will be alive in our arms!!

Now when you pray for our sweet little girl you can pray for her by name! God has given us another great gift and we are so thankful for her!



  1. I love my little Eva Faith so much! God put your arms around Eva and Melissa, carry them through this journey in your arms. When they are weak, you be their strength.
    We can't wait to meet you sweet baby girl Eva!
    Your name is perfect in every way!
    Eva...we join in Faith that you will be alive in the arms of your parents at the end of the this year!
    Praise God!

  2. I love love love that name! And the meaning couldnt be more perfect! *HUGS*

  3. Such a beautiful name! I am praying for Eva Faith right this minute that she would be born a healthy baby girl!!! I praise the Lord for her!