Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Girl Update!

Everything is going good...Praise God!! I keep having blood pressure problems but there has been no protein found in my urine which is really good! At my 28 week ultrasound she weighed 3.3 lbs!!! I could not believe how cute she was on the u/s screen! She was moving all over the place. You could almost see what she really looks like. The u/s tech tried to get several pictures but we have a very active little girl and she was moving too fast which made most of our pictures blury. But I can handle that!! Here is the profile shot...I think she looks like her mommy!! :)

At my 29 week appt. my bp was still alittle high. I started having Braxton Hicks contractions the other night. Talking about scary! I watched the clock for hours and kept moving around. They never got any closer than 20 min apart and then they stopped. I wouldn't be so worried but remember by cervix is sewed SHUT! So if she decides to come while my stitches are in...well, I don't even want to talk about the pain I will go through and that will be the end of my cervix. So yeah I am alittle worried. Anytime I start having heavy pain out of the ordinary I start praying. Praying that she doesn't come or if she is coming I can make it to the hospital in time to have the stitches removed!

Many people have asked when is she coming...well that is a good question! We want her to stay in until the end and that is what we are praying for. But from here on out my cervix will be checked almost weekly, if any changes are noticed then the stitches will come out and then we will just wait on little Eva to come! Also if they find high protein in my urine due to my high blood pressure then it will be time for her to come out. Last week I was put on another bp med. This one helps with bp and also for preterm labor contractions and I am still getting the weekly progesterone shots. My hips look awful and brusied from so many shots...but oh well..she is oh so worth it ALL!!! My doctor and I have joked that after all these meds I may have to be induced!! Wouldn't that be funny!

I can't thank God enough for getting me this far through this pregnancy. It hasn't been easy and there has been many restless nights praying through my fears and worries but I know when I see her face it will all be worth it. I deal with a lot of my emotions by talking with or reading about other Moms who have been in the same place that I am. Eva is concidered a "rainbow baby". Rainbow babies are babies conceived and born after a loss. There will always be pain, but there will also always be joy that follows it, just like the rainbow after the rain. Sometimes it appears right away, and sometimes we have to wait a while to see it. It has been a long, rough storm, and I’m looking forward to seeing a rainbow! It is so fitting for us. Everytime I see a rainbow it reminds of our precious Landon. After his funeral, while we were heading back to my paretns house to visit with friends and family, there was the most beautiful rainbow! When I saw that rainbow I knew then it was God's promise to me, that He hadn't forgot about us. I feel like Eva Faith is our rainbow in this rough storm that has lasted over 6 years battling with many years of infertility and infant loss. I can't wait to see her face, watch her take her first breathe, and hear her amazing first cry! Keep praying for us! We have 9 weeks and 3 days until my due date...not like I am counting or anything! :)