Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Project Landon

 I am so excited to announce Project Landon! My sister, Landon's Auntie, really got the ball rolling! I knew I wanted to do something in memory of my son but in these past few months all I have been trying to do is get my feet back on the ground. With God's help and his amazing grace I am getting through this with such amazement even to myself!

I remember I was driving home from Macon when Ginger called me. We were just talking about some things and then she told me about what she was thinking. She told me about her idea with Project Landon. The call went silent and I just cried. First thing, hearing Landon's name come out of someone else's mouth is music to my ears! Not to many people talk about him because they are scared they will hurt me or affraid of what reaction they will get. Well, I love when people talk about my baby, he will always be alive in my heart! Second thing, I loved that she too wanted to help others in the memory of our sweet Landon! What a sweet sister I have! I loved the idea and that is how Project Landon came about! It came from a mother's love and an Auntie's love!

I am so excited about this ministry we are about to embark on! I pray that God guides us and leads us to the people who need a little hope in their lives. During this journey you feel like your life has just totally fallen apart but with God's love and the love ones around, you slowly rebuild. Thank you to everyone who wants to be apart! It means the world to me!! I love you my sweet and dear sister, you are the greatest!
Even if you can't sew or knit, you can still help! To get detailed info about Project Landon click here to go to the blog.

Thank you,