Monday, March 7, 2011

Eva Faith has been Here...a long and overdue post!

So hard to believe that the nursery that has been closed since January of 2008 is now in use! The room that I dreaded to go in and never really did is now so full of LIFE!

Travis and I checked into the hospital on December 2nd at 11pm. I was being induced at 37 weeks due to my blood pressure being so high and the meds at this point weren't helping. Plus I was ready! I was ready to see my daughter's face and hear her cry! I was very nervous. I was nervous about the delivery in general and nervous about how I was going to handle being back in the same area where we had to say good-bye to Landon.

They took me to L&D, I was praying in my head, "Please God don't let them put me in the same room as last time." And they didn't, I was relieved. The nurse hooked me up to the monitor and started the first part of the process. When I got to the hospital I was already 2 cm dilated and having contractions. The contractions were every 3-6 mins but they stopped about 2 hours after I got there.Then it was time to sleep so I could be prepared for the early morning activities. Well, my dear sweet husband went right onto sleep and he snored ALL night long and VERY loud!! Even the nurses were making comments! So with my nerves and Travis cutting logs there was barely any sleep for me and I was the one about to do ALL the work!

The next morning I was so happy that I got a nurse I knew named Ashley. She knew our story and just her knowing that really helped my nerves. They started the meds and Dr. C broke my water. Boy did the contractions start then! I was having horrible back labor. I had the same with Landon. I asked for an epidural soon after. With me having the cerclage my cervix was very tender and I was in a lot of pain with every check they had to do. Once I got the epidural I was able to relax but never really went to sleep. But a few hours into the wonderful epidural it stopped working!! The back labor was back and oh so painful! They tried fixing it but it would not work so my only option was for another one to be placed. It took 3 people trying to place the second one. With all 3 having 2 tries...I was stuck 6 times! Plus during this time I was having strong contractions with horrible back labor. I am not really sure how long this epidural lasted before it stopped working . All the pain came rushing back..AGAIN!

We started the process around 7am and at this point it was around 5-6pm. I made it to 8cm but come to find out Eva was stuck and turned wrong. She was NOT coming out this way and I was in so much pain that a C-section was the next step. Everyone started moving fast to get me prepared for the c-section. I started getting nervous and was a little sad, but the pain was so bad that is all I could think of. It took a little while for the anesthesiologist to place the spinal. That was the most painful part. I held onto Ashely and just cried. As soon as the spinal was placed there was instant relief! Then Travis was able to come in and the process started! I was shaking like crazy which freaked Travis out. He kept asking, "are you sure you are okay?" I was and I was so excited that it was actually time to meet our daughter! It didn't take long at all and at 7:37 p.m. we heard " Here she is!"

I cannot explain the flood of emotions that came over me!! She was actually here alive and healthy! She was beautiful! She didn't cry right away and I held me breath until I heard it...then she let out the loudest "I am here cry!" It was music to my hears! I thanked God for His faithfulness and provision over my little girl! They took her away for awhile but I could hear her crying to whole time.

Travis came back with her. Eva knew she was in her Daddy's arms, she was so quite and peaceful. It was a beautiful site to see my husband holding our daughter! After Travis left they gave me some meds to sleep and boy did I!

I woke up in the recovery room but something was different about waking up this time...I knew I had a baby waiting on me!!! I have been in that same recovery room 2 other times where the outcome was different. When I was rolled down the hall to my room I saw our sweet Eva Faith in the window, she was so beautiful! I couldn't wait to hold her and love on her!

This is the first time she was placed in my arms!

Our first Family Picture! (It was almost midnight- poor Van is so tired!)

Proud Big Brother! So blessed with the children God has given us!

We had some very sweet and tender moments at the hospital. It was like a dream I didn't want to wake up from. Travis and I couldn't believe we had a little girl! So many family and friends came to visit and see our little miracle!

 I had her on a Friday and we left Monday afternoon. Sunday she started getting really yellow looking.That night poor Eva just screamed. I had to introduce the bottle to her, which I didn't want to do but she was starving and had jaundice. 

Monday early morning was crazy. Several doctors came in to see about her and then the lights were brought into the room. I hated to give Eva up to the lights. 

We were able to go home but the lights were waiting on her when we got there.

It was just so good to be home!!
Thank you so much to everyone who prayed for our little Eva Faith and myself! God is so good and he protected myself and Eva during my whole pregnancy. He provided comfort when I needed it to calm my nerves! So thankful to God that I can hold our sweet Eva and to see Van be a big brother to his little sister! 

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