Monday, March 7, 2011

First week home with Eva!

Bringing Eva home was so surreal! We couldn't believe it. I wasn't happy that she had to be under the lights due to her being jaundice but I was just so happy that our family was all together.

The first couple days I spent on the couch right next to her. Eva could only be out of the lights for feeding and diaper changing.

Travis had to go back to work the day after we came home. That was so hard because I was beyond tired. Teresa, Travis' mom would come get Van and take him to school for me and would keep him so I could sleep when Eva slept. Also she had to drive Eva and I to the baby doctor about Eva's jaundice levels. On Tuesday her numbers had doubled! I was heart broken! They told me if the numbers went any higher we had to take her back to the hospital. That night Travis and I prayed over her and asked God to please heal the jaundice and make the numbers go down instead of up. The next day we took her to get her blood drawn and the nurse called me that afternoon and said  her numbers had been cut in half and NO more billi lights!!! Hallelujah! I was so happy! I packed the lights up, called the healthcare provider and told them to come get their lights!

Now I was able to put her in her cute clothes and love on her the way I wanted too! It was so much fun to see Eva and Van interact with each other. He wanted to hold her constantly and give her kisses.  Who wouldn't though? She is just so cute!

Then I started to get sick...

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